New website

As you can see I have reworked my website. I thought it was time to become a little bit more serious and get rid of the senseless rubbish. For the future I will write 95% on programming or Computer Science in general. Hopefully there will be some more valuable posts and a higher rate of posts per month.

You may also have recognized that I write in English now. In my opinion it is necessary to have good English skills, especially as a programmer. Most of high quality literature is only availaible in English, open source projects communicate in English, API’s and manuals are in English and so on. So, I hope to improve my writing skills in English and I hope to reach more people than before.

But wait, what about the category German ? In my humble opinion some of my old articles are worth keeping them. At least some people discovered them through google, so they seem to be valuable somehow.

I’m looking forward to get some comments on what I have done so far, and especially on the future posts!