How to align text on the whitespace after the first word character in vim.

Today I decided to make my factory_girl factory definitions look a little bit more pretty. My tool of choice for alignment in Vim is the famous Align plugin. It turned out the task at hand is not as trivial as one might think at the first glance. By additionally harnessing the power of the mighty vim regexp the solution is so damn simple that I almost cried because I wasted 10 minutes on this, so here is my solution.

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How to start your RSpec / Cucumber / Spork / Watchr test environment with a single command

My Rails 3 test environment consists of RSpec, Cucumber, Spork and Watchr. Additonally I am running rails console and rails server. This means I have to spawn six terminals or on terminal with six tabs. My preferences lean towards the tab solution. I am setting this up just once or maybe twice a day, but in my humble opinion it is pretty annoying to do this by hand. Continue reading