The tale of why I chose Vim over Emacs and any IDE.

Some month ago I watched someone hacking pretty impressive with Emacs . It was so fast I did not even get what he actually was doing. That day I decided to master Emacs to become as productive as he was. Some weeks passed and it started to feel really good. Until some friends at university told me they prefer vim. At first I thought something like “What’s this with the crazy mode stuff? Where is my C-x M-c M-butterfly?”. But once you get used to vim you will never miss it again. I made the switch and I am very happy. In this blog post I will clarify the reasons for my decision and introduce some resources that helped me getting up to speed.  Continue reading

How to ignore changes in git submodules

Recently while setting up my vimfiles for version control I encountered a problem with git submodules. The plugins are included as git submodules and loaded up with pathogen. For those interested in details on how this works, there is a Vimcast available on this topic. Some of the plugins need to generate helptags or other files that will mark the working tree dirty. There is a very simple way to prevent this, but it is a little tricky to find out what is needed to make it work, that’s why I decided to write a blog post about how to do this.

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